BBA Miami

Keep your coach, and bring your team to us! BBA understand how important it is to build continuity within a team, we also understand its not in the best for a individual player to be place on different teams after a completed season. 

A team us be allowed to grow a bond with their coach in also their teammates, and each team will move to the next division as a complete team. When all teammates pass their evaluation, they will move into the next division with the same coach. 


There no “DRAFT” for teams that have a coach, the coach may request to be a part of the “DRAFT” to draft players that he would need to help his team or to replace a player that moved to another team. 

All coaches will be given an BBA-Email, and BBA-App to communicate with your BBA Team or Travel Team. Coaches can register your current team or travel team, and stay together for every season.

BBA Membership Include: Practice shirts x2 or Practice Uniform, Backpack, Custom Game uniform, and Basketball sneaker program.

Coaches please email us at

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