Coach EvAluation

BBA Coach Evaluation Form

BBA Coach Evaluation Form is a communication tool to evaluate its coaches, our coaches will be evaluated on how well she or he scores on each of the responsibilities listed below. Scoring on each item will reflect:

Evaluate BBA Coaches Score:

  1. Prepare athletes with sound instruction.
  2. Provide positive encouragement.
  3. Teach life-long values and skills.
  4. Promote academics.
  5. Serve as a role model.
  6. Leadership displayed by the coach.
  7. Coach was organized and ready for practice/game.
  8. Flowing BBA core training plan.
  9. Players learned and improved as a result of this coach.
  10. Coach communication to the parents in positive attitude.
  11. Coach modeled a positive attitude and behavior toward the
  12. Communicates effectively with athletes and parents.
  13. Shows an interest in the athletes’ academic experiences.
  14. Supports team as well as individual accomplishments.
  15. Conducts self in a professional and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  16. Teaches the fundamental philosophy, skills, and knowledge essential to the sport.
  17. game and athletes.

17. Develops a well-organized practice schedule with specific objectives for each practice.

18. Maintains effective individual and team discipline at practice and in games.

19. Provides opportunities for all members of the team to participate, depending upon their ability and effort, while maintaining a competitive squad.

20. Team’s performance reflects enthusiasm, motivation, proper fundamentals, and sportsmanship.

21. Learns new strategies and trends in the sport by attending clinics and reading coaching publications.

22. Maintains suitable sideline control at games and tournaments.

23. Shows an interest in athlete’s academic achievements and on-season/off-seasons activities.

24. Is innovative in trying and assessing new coaching techniques and ideas.

25. Is fair, understanding, tolerant, empathetic, and patient with team members.

Maintains effective individual and team discipline and control.

Provides proper supervision in all situations.


  • Leadership
  • Positive role model for players
  • Helps players achieve their potential
  • Shows concern for welfare of all players
  • Maintains discipline in a firm yet friendly manner
  • Fosters a positive environment for all participants
  • Instills & teaches self-esteem & confidence in all players
  • Fosters good communication between player and coach
  • Addresses needs of players and parents in an appropriate manner
  • Behaves appropriately at practices
  • Maintains professionalism at games
  • Ensures players have solid understanding of fundamentals
  • Understands the game at this level and is able to convey that to players
  • Utilizes a variety of skills & techniques
  • Knowledgeable of rules & officiating techniques of the sport
  • Employs a variety of tactics & strategies
  • Expresses expectations clearly to the players

EVALUATOR’S COMMENTS (attach additional sheets as necessary)

COMMENTS BY COACH (attach additional sheets as necessary)

Score Coach Evaluation:

  1. Successful – Recommended for continued assignment.
  2. Needs Improvement – Recommended for reassignment provided an understanding can be reached in areas where improvement is suggested.
  3. Unsatisfactory – Not recommended for continued assignment.
  4. The coach’s signature indicates he/she has read this evaluation.
  5. The coach has ten days to respond to any portion of this evaluation to which he/she does not agree.


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Head Coach’s Signature – Date


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(BBA) Director’s Signature – Date