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BBA Miami, 4v4 half court adult league is designed to keep the game moving and put a twist on 4 on 4 game play. Each team roster could be up to 8 players per team. Each season 20 teams will go head-to-head for the BBA Miami King of the South champion. Our Adult Basketball League is a competitive league which provides an opportunity for the community and local companies to be active and display their basketball skills on the court. League Information:
  • Adult League: 3 Months
  • Games:  Each team will play 1 – 2 games a week, with the total of 20 games for 3-month season
  • Uniform color & design: Are first come
  • League: All Season Standings, League Scores, and League Highlights will be posted the Adult League Site
  • League Conference: Eastern Conference, and Western Conference
League Awards:
  • 1 Eastern Conference Champion
  • 1 Eastern Conference League MVP
  • 1 Eastern Conference League Six Man Award
  • 1 Eastern Conference League Isaiah Award * BBA Heart Award
  • 1 Western Conference Champion
  • 1 Western Conference League MVP
  • 1 Western Conference League Six Man Award
  • 1 Western Conference League Isaiah Award * BBA Heart Award
BBA Miami Finals:
  • These two teams both receives $300
BBA Champions: Winner
  • Winning Team receives $800
  • BBA Finals MVP Award, plus $200
  • Awards All Team Members
BBA Champions: Loser
  • Winning Team receives $400
  • Awards All Team Members
Team Adult league Fee – $1,440.00 BBA Miami Adult league Include:
  • 2 Practice Shirts
  • 1 Practice Uniform
  • 1 Game Uniform
  • 2 Practices a Week
  • Free Water
  • Free BBA Miami Website App Download
  • Hardship Program for Your Sibling, must qualify
  • 1 Free Week for Summer Camp, One Sibling
  • Other Sibling, will be at BBA Miami Academy Member Price
  • 2 Summer Camp Shirts, for One Sibling
  • Summer Camp for One Sibling 2nd week at BBA Miami Academy Member Price
  • Discount Tickets to Miami Heat
  • All-Star Game Played in the Miami Heat Kaseya Center
Includes: Practice, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00pm to 9:30pm, and Saturday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The price for membership is $1,440.00 now.

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