BBA Miami Veterans Night with Miami Heat

Title of Event:
Veterans Night with Miami Heat

Venue and Time of the Event:
Miami Heat Kaseya Center, October 15th 2023

Event Description:
As we honor our veterans and remember their great deeds, let us also salute those who are currently fighting for our freedom. Those men and women were ordinary people, until they heard the call of duty and answered it. They left their families, their homes, and their lives, not for recognition or fame or even the honor we bestow upon them today.

They fought to protect our country and maintain our way of life. BBA Miami would like to honor our veterans and remember their great deeds. By bring our community together to honor are Veterans and their families. October 15th 2023, BBA Miami will host their annual all-star game and BBA Miami night with our Miami Heat at Miami Heat Kaseya Center:

Event Detail:

October 15, 2023 12PM -3PM

Miami Heat Court of Dreams:
Open run with BBA Miami, Veterans and their families for day of fun on Miami Heat Court. Reversible jerseys will be given to anyone who will participating in BBA Miami Court of Dreams games.

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BBA Miami Veterans Night with Miami Heat

October 15, 2023, Memphis vs Miami Heat: 6pm

Miami Heat will host the BBA Miami, Veterans Night at Miami Heat Kaseya Center. There will be opportunities for both BBA Miami and Veterans vendors show case their businesses.


Everyone will enter the Kaseya Center 30 minutes before the public and get an exclusive look as HEAT players and training staff warm up before the game! All game shirts will have your company logo on it.

Sponsor gift for all servicemembers and veterans, while supplies last.

More Heat Info Coming Soon