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In the United States, we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th every year. It was first celebrated as Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, a year after the armistice agreement was made between Germany and Allied forces to cease fighting during World War I. The Great War ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The ending of WWI was formalized on June 28, 1919, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

Veterans Day (or Armistice Day) was first celebrated on the first anniversary of the end of World War I, which makes 2019 the 100th anniversary of this holiday. In the United States, Veterans Day is a holiday to thank veterans for their services. The focus is on living veterans, as opposed to Memorial Day, which is a day to remember those who gave their lives for our country.

BBA Miami believes if someone has done military service, they earn the title “veteran,” and more, they earn our deep respect and admiration, that they are special no one can ignore. They sacrificed the comforts we enjoy, the list is long of all the things they gave. Our veterans are extraordinary people, they’re loyal, dedicated, true and brave. When terror and invasion were real threats, they showed us they could handle any storm. We owe our freedoms and our very lives to our veterans, who served in uniform, this is something we must teach our youth about our military servicemen and women. That our veterans should be celebrities, they’re exceptional, no other group compares. Today’s youth should understand how we’re grateful for the many things they’ve done; and they’re always in our hearts and in our prayers. We owe our veterans support and friendship; Let no one ever question what they’re worth. These men and women served us and our country,

Our Veterans

BBA Miami mission is to assist servicemembers and their children, by providing enrichment programs that helps children develop healthy habits as well as values such as good character, work ethic, teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship through education and sports. And most cases there isn’t any benefits that help servicemembers and veterans and their children with youth sports. Servicemembers and veterans’ children are mostly over look, when it comes to their needs. We find that they children needs the most help. BBA Miami has been and will continue to provide sports to servicemembers and veterans children that is designed to increase both sports participation and the holistic development of our participants.

BBA Miami Veterans Night Event List Is Now Close


BBA Miami Veterans Night with Miami Heat

Title of Event:
Veterans Night with Miami Heat

Venue and Time of the Event:
Miami Heat Kaseya Center, October 15th 2023

Event Description:
As we honor our veterans and remember their great deeds, let us also salute those who are currently fighting for our freedom. Those men and women were ordinary people, until they heard the call of duty and answered it. They left their families, their homes, and their lives, not for recognition or fame or even the honor we bestow upon them today.

They fought to protect our country and maintain our way of life. BBA Miami would like to honor our veterans and remember their great deeds. By bring our community together to honor are Veterans and their families. October 15th 2023, BBA Miami will host their annual all-star game and BBA Miami night with our Miami Heat at Miami Heat Kaseya Center:

Event Detail:

October 15, 2023 12PM -3PM

Miami Heat Court of Dreams:
Open run with BBA Miami, Veterans and their families for day of fun on Miami Heat Court. Reversible jerseys will be given to anyone who will participating in BBA Miami Court of Dreams games.

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