Academy Donation

We Leave No kid Behind, We live by this creed

All Profits well be use for Academy January Tournament 2023

All Profits well be use for Academy January Tournament 2023

All Profits well be use for Academy January Tournament 2023

Brooklyn Basketball Academy Inc. (BBA)

Brooklyn Basketball Academy is a 501(C) 3 organization Fed Tax ID#87-2257665, our Academy helps, and promotes, organizes, develops, and maintains seasonal leagues for its participants of all ages, allowing them to compete in any of the available activities of their choosing (community education & outreach programs, gym fitness, kids zone fitness).

We Leave No Kid Behind, We live by this creed. We would cover the cost for the families that find themselves on hard times. Our Vision is to help the community and bring jobs into the South Florida area. By helping those kids that have the talent but not necessarily the means to help themselves grow.

We understand there is nothing of this magnitude in South Florida and it would be a great way to help the community and other sports programs within the community.

What your donation cover!

We appreciate any amount you can contribute, here what your donation can do:

Academy membership fee. Academy basketball shoe program that helps young youth within the community attain shoes, when their families can’t afford them. Academy cost for team travel for division tournaments within the state of Florida. Academy tournaments entrance fee.

Academy Staff. Practice shirts, and game uniform. Tournament travel game bookbag. Nutritional needs during practice and games, water, sea moss, fruit, and other nutritious items. Individual training. Academy Equipment.

We are so thankful for your help on this matter as we help our young souls and their family within the community. Should you require any further details please feel free to contact me any time.

BBA Academy Donation

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