Be Different

What To Expect

At BBA Miami, every player is expected to arrive prepared and ready for practice at 6:00pm, and prepared for the mental and physical challenges.  For this reason, it is important that each player arrive rested, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. A Personal Player Profile Report Card will be kept on each camper throughout the week and text to him in BBA Miami BandApp.

This Report Card will note particular strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for individual improvement. A variety of individual and team fundamentals will be presented during each practice, with drills being part of each clinic.

Skills taught at practice include:

Playing Under Control, Individual Defense, Individual Offense, Shooting Fundamentals, Team Defense, Rebounding, Extended Defense, Shooting the Jump Shot, Passing and Receiving, Transition-Defensive Recovery, Open Court Work, Zone Offense, Spot Shooting, Develop a shooting routine, Quicker release, Change rhythm, Change directions, Dribbling

Failure Not An Option

Failure Not An Option